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 AV Monocar Logo 

It was one of the more fruitful cyclecars and was dependent upon a configuration purchased from Carden and inherent the production line that they had formerly utilized. At the crest they had 80 workers.The principal model was a solitary seater, the Monocar, just 30 creeps (760 mm) wide with forms assembled by the Thames Valley Pattern Works out of wood, plywood or even layered paper. The complete auto just weighed in the vicinity of 550 pounds (250 kg). Motors were back mounted, air-cooled and appraised from 5 to 8hp. There was a decision of JAP (most generally), Blackburne or infrequently MAG units. Gearboxes were either a two-rate epicyclic unit with foot worked change or three-velocity Sturmey-Archer with anchor head to the back pivot. Directing was by a wire and bobbin framework with the whole front pivot being rotated on unanticipated autos. A few hundred were made.In 1920 a two seater, the Bi-auto, was included with the traveler behind the driver. The width of the auto expanded to 36 inches. Something like 50 were made. A more routine side by side model was included 1921 called the Runabout with a 42-inch (1,100 mm) form 126 inches (3,200 mm) long. The definitive Monocar and Bi-auto were dropped in 1922 yet generation of the Runabout proceeded until 1924 and later to uncommon request.The organization transformed its name in 1923 to A.v. Engines Ltd and after the closure of auto generation got to be Jowett and later Rootes Group merchants.


Avanti Logo Avanti Logo 

The Avanti is a sport car based at the Studebaker Avanti transformed by an arrangement of ambitious people. After the conclusion of Studebaker’s South Bend production line on December 20, 1963, autos with the name Avanti were at first generated from left-over Studebaker segments and later from General Motors and Ford skeleton and motors. These are not reproduction autos, for they were made by Avanti Motor Company. They have made an accompanying by a few devotees and gatherers.John J. Cafaro, a land man, got the rights to Avanti Motor Company and with the assistance of the State of Ohio moved all Avanti processing from South Bend, its origin to the Rust Belt region of Youngstown, Ohio in 1988. In 1988 and 1989 Avanti made two entryway models and a convertible. The 1988 Avanti were known as the Silver year models denoting 25 years of Avanti. The 1989 Avanti were given the rally ground impacts overhauls.
M. E. Kelly returned in the picture and moved Avanti from Ohio to Georgia in 1999 commercial transformed overhauled Avanti vehicles in Villa Rica, Georgia from 2000 to 2005, preceding moving to Cancun, Mexico. From 2004, Ford suspension and motors were utilized. In October 2005 a web report expressed that “Avanti Motors” had “as of late published another association with Ford Motor Company and was arranging an enormous comeback”. A web report in 2006 said Kelly had sold the organization in 1988 and repurchased it in 1999 from Cafaro of Ohio; and that the organization had created another manufacturing plant and showroom in Villa Rica, Georgia. In right on time 2006, Kelly moved Avanti handling to another plant in Cancun, Mexico, yet the organization foundered after M. E. Kelly was captured in December 2006 on misrepresentation checks identified with a charged ponzi conspire in the United States.The last Avanti to date moved off the line in Cancun, Mexico in March of 2007. All the Mustang-based Avantis utilized V-8 motors, with the alternative of a Ford V-6. One and only 2006 Avanti was assembled with a Ford V-6 motor. The industrial facility and showroom were discharged in 2011 and have been sold. A lot of people greatly extraordinary Studebaker and Avanti thoughts and hustling vehicles that were on the second story of the building in Cancun have been moved somewhere else or sold.


 Avera Logo 

Rivian was established as Avera Motors, yet in November 2010, Hyundai Motor Company recorded a claim against the organization, guaranteeing that the Avera name was so close there was no option that of the Hyundai Azera. Therefore, the Rivian name, enlivened by the Indian River, was embraced. In September 2011, Scaringe was respected by being named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Florida Governor’s 2011 Business Diversification Awards. Later that year, Rivian cooperated with neighborhood research college Florida Tech to structure the Florida Center for Automotive Research, or FCAR. As stated by Florida Tech’s advertisement, the significant objective of FCAR is to build a car designing system to make more secure, more fuel-effective vehicles while bringing new employments to Florida’s Space Coast through Rivian’s organization with Florida Tech.


 Avia Logo 

The organization was established in 1919, got to be some piece of Škoda in 1928. In 1930s the production line turned into the most amazing airplane maker in Czechoslovakia and moved to Letňany. Throughout World War II Avia handled flying machine for the Luftwaffe. After the war the organization was nationalized and got included in the auto business. It fabricated flying machine up to 1963, then kept on maing air ship motors (just preparing props from 1988) and focused on truck processing. The organization part up in 1992 into propeller and truck segments, both utilizing the Avia brand.Avia truck processing began in 1946. The organization prepared Škoda 706r line, and from the 1960s, the exceptionally great Praga V3s (handled until 1988) and S5t. In 1967 the organization marked an essential permit concurrence with Renault, which brought about the generation of the French Saviem “A” models. The organization generated the same amount as 17,000 trucks for every year.In 1995 Daewoo Motors with Steyr bought a larger part stake of the organization. This brought about the organization being reputed to be ‘Daewoo Avia’ and a noteworthy venture being developed of both item and offices was embraced.In 2005 the organization was gained by the monetary organization Odien Capital Partners, then in 2006 sold to Indian truck maker Ashok Leyland and started utilizing the Avia fresh out of the box new (logo).As a truck creator, Czech Avia ought not be confounded with the Spanish Avia.


 Avion Logo 

The Avion is a model sportscar that attains over 100 MPG. The Avion auto is dependent upon a basic idea: mileage is generally controlled by aeromechanic drag and vehicle weight. The Avion utilization existing auto segments, an existing high-productivity car diesel motor and weds them to a lightweight aluminum outline and very air motion facilitating composite form. The Avion was an authority contender in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.The Avion was created in 1979 by Craig Henderson and Bill Green in the wake of moving on from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington where they had worked at the Vehicle Research Institute. The model was finished in 1984 and set the Guinness world record for mileage in 1986 at 103.7 mpg.The auto was intended to be fabricated in little volume utilizing existing car segments, including a little car diesel motor. A lightweight composite assemblage of exceedingly aeromechanic outline is appended to an aluminum edge, and characteristics Butterfly entryways.


Avions Voisin Logo 

Avions Voisin was a French extravagance vehicles brand secured by Gabriel Voisin in 1919 which exchanged until 1939.Gabriel B. Voisin was an aeronautics pioneer and maker who in 1919 began preparing autos utilizing Knight-sort sleeve valve motors at Issy-les-Moulineaux, a modern suburb to the southwest of Paris. Previous learner of the Fine Arts School of Lyon and aficionado for all things mechanical since his adolescence, Voisin’s uncompromisingly unique outlines made far reaching utilization of light amalgams, particularly aluminum. One of the organization’s most striking early outlines was the Laboratoire Grand Prix auto of 1923; one of the first autos ever to utilize monocoque suspension development, and utilising little radiator-mounted propeller to drive the cooling pump. The trademark Voisin style of “judicious” coachwork he created in conjunction with his teammate André Noel. Noel prioritized daintiness, focal weight circulation, substantial gear boxes and notably rakish lines. The 1930s models with underslung case were strikingly low.
In the early 1930s, Gabriel Voisin couldn’t pay the sum of his sketchers any more and an adolescent innovative specialist called André Lefèbvre quit, prescribed by Gabriel to Louis Renault. Lefèbvre at last entered Citroën where he headed three especially huge auto ventures: the Traction Avant, the 2cv and the DS, utilizing a considerable measure of Gabriel’s lessons.


 Avtodesign Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 AWZ-Zwickau Logo 

The AWZ P70 “Zwickau” was an auto made in East Germany by VEB Automobilwerke Zwickau (AWZ) between 1955 and 1958. After 1958 AWZ was united with the previous Horch industrial facility to the VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau and called Sachsenring P70.It succeeded the IFA F8 utilizing the same 684 cc two chamber, two-stroke motor yet with a totally new glass fibre figure. A home form was presented in 1956 emulated by a car in 1957.It was reinstated by the Trabant P50 in 1959 after something like 36,000 had been made. The sum yield of AWZ P70 was 36,151 autos


 Axr Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


B Engineering Logo 

B Engineering is a little volume car producer found in Italy. It is made up of a few previous representatives of the Bugatti firm when it was under the authority of Romano Artioli.B Engineering is the organization behind the superexclusive Edonis supercar, in light of the Bugatti Eb110. Because of serious motor adjustments it has higher exhibitions than its ‘basevehicle’.


 Babcock logo  
Babcock was an car manufacturer from United States (1909–1913).


 Baby Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 BabyBuggy Logo 

 there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 Bac Mono Logo 

The Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is a British sports auto assembling organization situated in Speke, Liverpool.The organization was established by siblings Neill and Ian Briggs to transform pro games autos focused at fans. The vision behind Mono was to make an unadulterated driving background. It was intelligent to pick a focal seat organize because of the way that when seats are set side-by-side, weight, equalization, perceivability and design are bargained to oblige that additional seat and any traveler who may sit there.
The organization generates the BAC Mono, a solitary seater execution auto. Engineers from Cosworth, Hewland, Sachs, AP and Kumho Tires collaborated with creators at BAC with the plan of making a driver-driven vehicle.Throughout processing, every vehicle is custom-constructed around the buyer’s constitution shape. The extent of the seat, pedal achieve and guiding wheel position are changed keeping in mind the end goal to suit the singular’s ergonomic requirements.The Mono ran 1:14.3 at the Top Gear test track. This makes it the second quickest legitimate processing auto ever to go around the track.
In late 2012, the BAC Mono was emphasized in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (a Criterion amusement).


 Bad Logo 

BAD(british american daytonas) is the brainchild of Ian Briggs, proprietor of British American Engines, and Ross Hallifax, an American car enthusiast and racer.BAD supply kits or fully-built replicas of the famous Daytona Coupe. This is the car which devastated the dominant Ferraris in European racing.An Anglo-American project, the Daytona Coupe was extremely successful and has entered the realms of automotive legend.


Bajaj Tempo Logo 
Force Motors, previously Bajaj Tempo, is an Indian maker of three-wheelers, multi-utility and crosscountry vehicles, light business vehicles, tractors, transports and now overwhelming business vehicles. It was initially named Firodia Tempo Ltd. what’s more later after fractional obtaining by Bajaj Auto as Bajaj Tempo Ltd.
The organization was established in 1958 by N.k.firodia. Abhay N. Firodia is the Chairman and Prasan Firodia is Managing Director. Bajaj Auto purchased a regulating stake in the organization, renaming it “Bajaj Tempo”. Germany’s Daimler-Benz, a long-term coconspirator with Firodia due to their responsibility for unique Tempo works in Germany, claimed 16% of Bajaj Tempo. They sold their stake once again to the Firodia aggregate in 2001, significance they by and by held a regulating investment. It was concurred that the organization would bit by bit eliminate the utilization of the “Beat” brand name, as in any case it had a place with Mercedes-Benz. The name of the organization was changed to Force Motors in May 2005, over the protests of Bajaj Auto with whom the organization imparts a long history and a compound divider.
Force Motors began preparation of the Hanseat three-wheeler as a team with German Vidal & Sohn Tempo Werke and happened to build a vicinity in the light business vehicles field with the Matador, the acknowledged LCV (light business vehicle) in India. Bajaj Tempo was connected with Mercedes-Benz since 1976 and in 1982 they started building the Mercedes-Benz Om616 diesel motor. Through the 1980s and 1990s, and particularly in the most recent five years with a real item improvement exertion, Force Motors has presented new light business vehicles, a facelifted arrangement of Tempo Trax utility vehicles, new tractors, and another reach of three-wheelers. The Matador, which characterized the light business fragment in India, saw deals crumpling in the late 1990s and Bajaj Tempo started a generous project of creating advanced vehicles to supplant it.Bajaj Tempo additionally manufactured the diesel motors utilized within the Mercedes-Benz W124, and later W210, as fabricated in India. This was a little scale attempt, yet while it didn’t net BT much benefit they profited from the association, both regarding notoriety and innovation.
The organization which for the most part works in business vehicle section, entered into the “individual vehicle” portion in August 2011 with the launch of its first SUV, named Force-One.The organization fabricates trucks at Pithampur, the mechanical center point of Madhya Pradesh in Indore in a joint wander, Man Force Trucks Pvt. Ltd, with MAN AG of Germany.[6] MAN Force trucks are sent out abroad to nations, for example, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and certain African countries; markets where a low offering value is fundamental. The JV was broken up as on March 2012 with Force Motors having sold and exchanged remaining half of Man Force portions to MAN AG for Rs 10 for every portion.Tractors are fabricated under the Balwan and Ox (in the past Tempo Ox) brands. The tractor field was entered by (then) Bajaj Tempo in 1996-1997, and were produced indigenously, instead of relying upon transported in innovation.


 Baker Electric Logo 

Baker Electric Motor Vehicle Company was an American producer of Brass Era electric cars in Cleveland, Ohio from 1899 to 1914.In late 1910, the Baker Electric was very lavish and evaluated at $2,800. It had a seating limit of four travelers and was painted dark with decision of blue, green or maroon boards. The most recent model likewise offered a Queen Victoria figure as “tradable on skeleton” estimated at an extra $300.
The Baker of 1910 was the main electric that had a substantial arrangement wound engine of 300 percent over-burden limit, with a commutator “totally confirmation against starting and blazing under all conditions.”In 1913 Baker was overtaken in sales by Detroit Electric and in 1914 merged with fellow Cleveland automaker Rauch and Lang to become Baker, Rauch & Lang. The last Baker cars were made in 1916, but electric industrial trucks continued for a few more years. Baker, Rauch & Lang went on to make the Owen Magnetic under contract.Founder Walter C. Baker's Torpedo land speed record racer was the first car to have seat belts. The car was capable of over 75 miles per hour.Walter Baker joined the board of Peerless in 1919.


 Ballot Car Logo 

Ballot was a French vehicles producer that made autos between 1910 and 1932.
The Ballot siblings, Edouard and Maurice, established their organization in 1905. When World War I they produced vehicles and marine motors, and from 1910 on autos. The organization was re-established as Etablissements Ballot Sa in 1910.In 1931 the organization was assumed control by Hispano-Suiza. Quick decay accompanied: the last model was basically a Hispano-Suiza, and just the suspension was furnished by Ballot. Ticket shut down in 1932.


 Bandini Car LogoBandini Car Logo 

Bandini Automobili was an Italian auto maker working between 1946 and 1992. Named after its founder ilario Bandini.Established in 1946 in Bandini’s main residence Forlì , the first Bandini utilized a changed Fiat 1100 motor, the figure was produced from hand pounded aluminum and the undercarriage from flying review tubular steel. Numerous other post-war Italian sports auto organizations accompanied a comparable outline. In any case Bandini’s sharp brain, dashing information and his eye for item guaranteed that Bandini autos were a power to be figured with in Europe and the Us.


Baoding Dadi Logo 

Dadi Auto (authoritatively Dadi Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) is a get truck and overwhelming obligation truck assembling organization headquartered in Baoding, China. Some time ago a military vehicles producer, Baoding Dadi gathered their first common pick-up in 1988. Right now their product offering up mirrors that of Great Wall Motor and Zhongxing. The organization asserts a preparation limit is 50,000 units for every annum, yet this figure may conflate motors and entire vehicles. The organization has from that point forward quit producing traveler autos, and has been centering in the business vehicle market.



 Austin-Rover Logo 

The Austin Rover Group (truncated ARG) was a British engine maker. It was framed in 1981 as the mass-market auto fabricating subsidiary of British Leyland (BL). It was the consequence of an exhaustive rebuilding programme planned to safeguard BL from practically certain obscurity, and with the Triumph, Morris, Riley and Wolseley marques then successfully outdated, the new, leaner auto business was rechristened as the Austin Rover Group and centered fundamentally on the Austin and Rover marques.
In 1989, ARG was joined into the Rover Group, the new name of its parent organization. In 2008, Tata Motors obtained the Rover marque, and previous BL and Rover Group organizations, Land Rover and Jaguar Cars, and the previous BL marques Daimler and Lanchester, from the Ford Motor Company. The Austin marque has been resigned and the Mini marque is possessed by BMW.


 Australian Kit Car Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 Austro Daimler LogoAustro-Fiat LogoAustro-Daimler Logo 

Austro-Daimler was an Austrian automaker organization, from 1899 until 1934. It was subsidiary of the German Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG).Pushing the organization’s advancement further, Porsche conceded Austro-Daimler’s absolute autonomy from DMG’s proprietorship in 1909. In 1910, the organization was renamed Austrian Daimler Engines AG whose logo was the Austrian Royal twofold headed falcon. In 1912 DMG sold its remaining allotments.Before long, the organization started caving in. In any case, Austro-Daimler combined with numerous organizations — Skoda, Fiat, and Puch (1928). At that point, it was submerged under Camillo Castiglioni’s misusing administration.In the 1970s and into the 1980s bikes were made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch with a few models bearing the Puch trademark, and more upscale models bearing the Austro-Daimler trademark. The point when the bike fabricating parts of the consortium were sold in 1987 to Piaggio & C. S.p.a. of Italy, the Puch trademark was passed on the other hand, the rights to the name Austro-Daimler were not sold. From that point forward no bikes have been made bearing this trademark.


 Auto EV Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 Auto Mirage Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.



 Auto Speciali Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


 Auto Tractor Logo 

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.


Auto Union Logo
DKW Logo Auto-Union 

Vehicle Union AG, Chemnitz was an amalgamation of four German car producers, established in 1932 and made in 1936 in Chemnitz, Saxony, throughout the Great Depression. The organization has developed into present day Audi, as a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.Vehicle Union is broadly known for its dashing group (Auto Union Rennabteilung, based at Horch works in Zwickau/saxony). The Silver Arrows of these two German groups (Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union) overwhelmed GP auto hustling from 1934 onwards, as well as set records that might take decades to whip, for example, the quickest speed ever achieved on an open street (at 432.7 km/h, unbroken starting 2013).
Vehicle Union was shaped in Germany in 1932, fusing:
Horch – established by August Horch in Zwickau 1904, it assembled autos beginning from straight-two motors to extravagance models with V8- and V12 motors.
Audi – having dropped out with relative, August Horch in 1909 left the namesake venture and established Audi crosswise over town, building inline-four-, six- and eight-barrel engined autos.
Wanderer – established in 1911, with little four-barrel autos and later a more sumptuous V6 inherent Siegmar (now Chemnitz)
Zschopauer Motorenwerke J. S. Rasmussen (brand DKW, steam supplies auto) established by Danish engineer Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen in 1916, it stretched out into cruisers, and after that front-drive two-stroke autos constructed at Audi works in Zwickau since 1931.


Autobacs Logo 

The organization was established by Toshio Sumino, in 1947 at Fukushima-ku, Osaka as Fuji Syokai Co., Ltd. A year later he opened a second extension in Osaka. In 1960 Sumino opened the first vast scale car products store, the Fuji Drive Shop and in 1969 he was included in motorsport sponsorship by supporting an auto in the Japanese Grand Prix. In 1974, he opened the first of the Autobacs stores: the “AUTOBACS Higashi Osaka Store” in Daitō, Osaka. In the accompanying year, Autobacs might run its first establishment store “AUTOBACS Hakodate Nakamichi Store” in Hakodate, Hokkaidō. In 1977 Autobacs might begin to improve and offer its engine oil and tire to be sold in its store, and at the finish of the decade opened their 100th store, and in 1984 opened their 200th store.


 Autobianchi Car LogoAutobianchi Car LogoAutobianchi Car Logo 

Autobianchi was an Italian auto maker, Bianci, established by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 and now recollected essential as a bike producer, was likewise animated in traveler auto producer from 1899. Bianchis were when all is said in done high-end extravagance autos, made with high tender loving
care. The organization’s plant in Abruzzi was crushed by bombarding throughout World War Ii . Edoardo Bianchi himself kicked the bucket in 1946 in an auto collision , and the responsibility for firm went to his child, Giuseppe. In spite of the fact that another, present day office was built in Desio after the war, budgetary conditions compelled Giuseppe not to continue traveler auto creation, but instead to keep tabs on bikes, cruisers and business vehicles. Bianchi bikes are still made , made mutually by Bianchi, Pirelli and Fiat in 1955. Autobianchi processed just a handful of models throughout its lifetime, which were just about solely little autos, with the most amazing being the brief Autobianchi A111, a little family auto. Autobianchis were valued higher than Fiat models of comparable size and the mark was utilized by Fiat to test new and imaginative thoughts which later discovered their route into standard Fiat vehicles; these ideas incorporated fibreglass figures and front-wheel drive, Autobianchi was purchased by the Fiat bunch and reconciled into the operations of Lancia. The marque made due in Italy until the closure of the Y10′s creation in 1995, yet came to be wiped out somewhere else when the model was rebranded , The first auto to be prepared by the new organization was the Bianchina, whose name was a tribute to Edoardo Bianchi’s first 1899 auto. The Bianchina was dependent upon Fiat 500 mechanicals as a Lancia in 1989.


 Autobleu LogoAutobleu Logo 

The organization was secured in 1950 by Maurice Mestivier and Roger Lepeytre. Its unique business included assembling segments which purchasers could use to make their Renault 4cvs go quicker. The Renault 4 CV was France’s smash hit auto at this point, and its promoted force yield was expanded to 17 hp (13 kw) for 1950. The organization got known for assembling an enhanced bay complex for the little Renault and coupling this with a suitably adjusts carburettor.The Renault 4 CV stayed at the highest point of the bargains outlines for a few years and business must have thrived for Autobleu. In May 1953 the press were summoned and the organization displayed a little beautiful lavish car auto dependent upon the mechanical underpinnings of the Renault 4cv. The form had been planned and assembled by Ghia of Turin. The auto utilized a steel outline yet covered with aluminium boards. The aluminium business had been created quickly in association with flying machine development throughout the Second World War period, and in the 1950s a few French and UK auto producers made far reaching utilization of aluminium boards, despite the fact that the material dropped out of favour in the later 1950s as aluminium costs expanded, and the hesitance of clients to pay the additional for aluminium figures autos may have had impact in the organization’s death, exactly as it harmed the business for the better recollected Hotchkiss Grégoire and the later Panhard autos.


 Autocar Logo 

The Autocar Company is a Hagerstown, Indiana expert producer of cabover professional trucks, chiefly for deny provisions. Began in 1899 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania as a producer of Brass Era vehicles, and trucks from 1907. The last autos were processed in 1912, yet the organization proceeded as a truck producer until 1953 when they were assumed control by the White Motor Company. White was assumed control thus by Volvo Trucks in 1980 with Autocar proceeding as a division. In 2001, it was sold to Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, which keeps on uing the brand name for their line of trucks.The organization was known as the Pittsburgh Motor Vehicle Company when begun in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1897 yet turned into the Autocar Company in 1899 when it moved to Ardmore, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia. One of the organization’s ahead of schedule autos was the Pittsburgher. By 1907, the organization had chosen to focus on business vehicles, and the Autocar brand is still being used for business trucks.
 Throughout World War II, Autocar supplied 50,000 units to the military; throughout its whole prewar history, the organization had just constructed 70,000 units. Autocar stacked up 85th around United States organizations in the quality of World War II military handling contracts. Non military person generation continued in 1944 and bargains expanded significantly after the war. Autocar soon had 100 merchants.
Then again, the blast after the war finished rapidly, and in 1953, Autocar sold out to White Motor Company. White supplanted Blue Streak motors with its own particular Mustang, and creation of fuel fueled trucks finished in 1965.The Ardmore plant was displaced in 1954 with another plant in Exton, Pennsylvania, however the Ardmore plant torched while being torn in 1956 and the blaze could have decimated a neighborhood.Autocar’s “Custom Engineering” process for helping prompted a notoriety as “World’s Finest”.AP Off-way vehicles turned into a significant item for Autocar. The 1964 Ap19 demonstrated in September 2007 at a Golden Age Truck Museum show “has a GCW of 900,000 lbs, a 30,000lb front pivot, planetary back axles evaluated at 200,000 lbs, and was initially controlled with a 525 HP Cummins V-12 diesel which was later supplanted with a 6-barrel Cummins KT appraised at 750 HP.”The Exton plant finished generation in 1980, with processing moving to Ogden, Utah.White was assumed control thus by Volvo in 1980 with Autocar proceeding as a division. In 2001 Andrew Taitz obtained the organization and organized it under Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, which utilized the brand name for their line of trucks.


 Autocars Logo 

Autocars Co. Ltd. of Haifa, Israel, was established in the 1950s as Israel’s first auto maker (there was a prior producer who amassed American autos in Haifa inlet, Kaiser-Frazer). Around their prevalent models were the Sussita (סוסיתא), Carmel (כרמל) and Gilboa (גלבוע) (various Carmels were additionally handled in Greece by Attica). They likewise collected Hino Contessas and the externally comparable British Triumph autos from packs in the late 1960s. The Triumph lineup included at any rate the Triumph 1300, despite the fact that initially just with a 1500 motor as the 1300 was acknowledged excessively near the 1.3 litre Contessa. The organization was purchased by Rom Carmel Industries in 1974, after Autocars was put in organization in 1971 and the holder, Mr. Yitzhak Shubinsky, was compelled to leave. It was purchased four years after the fact by Urdan Industries. Their last full year of handling was 1980.
Autocars Ltd made fiberglass-shelled autos that were made prevalent in Israel throughout the 1960s and 1970s, maybe in light of the fact that administration offices were compelled to purchase them. This discharged onto the business sector many low-valued second hand vehicles. Despite the fact that their style and complete failed to impress anyone, Autocar’s joining of Ford and Triumph motors made them solid autos which kept their quality for quite some time. The assembling of these autos stopped throughout the 1980s, and Israel’s just remaining auto making organization today is AIL.
Autocars likewise transformed a games auto inferred from Reliant; the Sabra Sport.


 Automobilbau Saier Logo 

Saier was a German automobile manufacturer from Sonnenbühl. The company name was Alexander Saier automotive industry. Alexander Saier founded 1981, the company and introduced from 1984 to 1997 various replicas and Buggies ago. He also drove replicas of other manufacturers.
In 1984 appeared the first model of a replica of the MG TD with plastic body. Shortly thereafter supplemented replicas of the Bugatti Type 35, the Mercedes -Benz 380 and the AC Cobra the offer. There were both chassis of the VW Beetle as well self- designed box framework. for the drive was provided by a four-cylinder engine of Opel fuel-injected 2,000 cc capacity.
The only self- development was a buggy is , which was presented in June 1987. This model was available in two variants. In the A1 was a four-cylinder engine from VW golf with 75 bhp used. In the A2 provided a boxer engine from the VW beetle with 44 hp for propulsion.


 Automoto Logo 

Auto Moto Corporation is a wholesale powersports dispersion organization situated in Los Angeles, with its essential warehouse in Van Nuys, California. The Auto Moto Corporation right now has practical experience in a somewhat encased three-wheel tilting bike called The Auto Moto.
The Auto Moto is a three-wheel bike controlled by a 150cc single barrel 4 stroke motor with a programmed CVT transmission and positraction back wheels. It consolidates a rocker framework that permits the taxi to shake from side to side while cutting through turns, at the same time holding its two back wheels and motor solidly planted on the ground. The Auto Moto gets a guaranteed 83 miles for every US gallon (2.8 L/100 km; 100 mpg-pixie), making it more fuel-proficient than most crossover autos on the market.[3] The Auto Moto characteristics a FM radio player with Mp3 association that plays music through its incorporated stereo framework. Other standard characteristics included on The Auto Moto are an inherent 72 liter trunk, 2 dashboard stockpiling compartments, an ABS slowing mechanism for the front disc brake, a phone call distinguishment framework, seating for two, a caution framework, and a full windshield with windshield wiper. Being that The Auto Moto has three wheels, a few states just oblige the utilization of a normal auto driver permit to work it.


 Autonacional Logo 

The auto had its birthplaces in France in the late 1940s, where air ship and auto creator and maker Gabriel Voisin had planned a negligible auto called the Biscooter for Avions Voisin. The lively name intimated that it was about the measure of two motorscooters, or a bike with four wheels. The configuration drew no enthusiasm from either makers or purchasers there, nonetheless, and he in the end authorized it to Spanish firm Autonacional S.a. of Barcelona. When it was presented in 1953, the marque had been hispanicized to Biscúter. The main auto had no formal model name and was called basically the Series 100, yet it soon got known as the Zapatilla, or little shoe (obstruct), after a low-heeled worker shoe prominent at the time.

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Autosan S.a. is a Polish transport and mentor maker. The organization is found in Sanok, Poland. Its deals system incorporates European (likewise non-EU nations), African and Asian nations. At present it prepares more or less 300 transports a year.The organization was initially established in 1832 by Walenty Lipiński and Mateusz Beksiński as a boilermaker’s plant. The historical backdrop of the processing plant changed relying upon household and European financial circumstances. At the start of its movement, the production line prepared gadgets and supplies for the oil mining, refinery and preparing commercial enterprises. It later added transportation to its extend and by 1894 it had ended up Poland’s most vital maker of rail mentors and cargo autos, tramcars and other high-limit vehicles, while keeping on produing their beginning yield of boilers and other related gadgets. Later, significantly more mixed bag of item was included, including reservoirs, cranes, dredgers, street rollers, steel rafts, steel span developments and throwing articles.
In 1926, Autosan started its first parcel of transports mounted on Lancia suspension. Exercises were hindered throughout World War II yet continued in 1950. In 1973, another group of transports is started – the H9 transport, with the motor mounted at the back. It might be followed in 1984 by the high-limit H10 model.In September 2013 the Court of Krosno announced the plant bankrupt. In a proclamation issued at the time it was demonstrated that it was difficult to keep financing the rebuilding. A couple of days after the fact Sobiesław Zasada Group, which claimed the organization, sold a bundle of portions in Autosan to Gregory Tarnawa for one shine zloty. Exchange unionists from the plant picketed before the previous manager, Sobiesław Zasada Group, in Krakow, requesting installment of unfulfilled obligations of compensation for a few months. The organization is still operational.Autosan is one of the most established production lines in Poland. Its presence goes over to 1832. Since 2001, the organization has created and generated segments for rail vehicles, particularly the figures of railcars and trams.


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In the late 1980s, Mazda enhanced in the Japan market with the launch of three new marques. The organization made Autozam, Eunos, and Efini, notwithstanding the Mazda and Ford marks as of recently promoted there. This examination was finished in the mid-1990s.The Autozam marque worked in little autos and keicars with numerous models being rebadged Suzukis. This is the main Mazda marque to survive the 1990s—a large portion of the vehicles are still sold with the “AZ” prefix.Like Eunos, Mazda keeps on runing dealerships with the Mazda Autozam name. These have some expertise in little vehicles, however all are a piece of the normal Mazda lineup and utilize the Mazda name now.


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Autozodiaco was an Italian auto maker spotted in Bologna, centering predominantly on rise carriages dependent upon the VW Beetle. The organization existed between 1968 to 1981.


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Auverland (Société nouvelle des autos Auverland), now assembled with Panhard, is a French producer of Jeep-like four-wheel-drive and armoured battling vehicles. It purchased Panhard from Peugeot in April 2005, and the joined organization now utilizes the Panhard name.
Made by Francois Servanin early 1980 in Saint-Germain-Laval (Loire), Auverland in 1984 authorized preparation of 4×4 Auvergne Cournil awhile ago built Aurillac (Cantal). Authorized handling of Cournil was additionally taken in Portugal under the brand UMM in 1977.
Auverland very nearly vanished because of enhancement into non military person vehicles. In 2001, the new Society of Automotive Auverland (NAAS) was assumed control by refocusing on business powers and open administrations ( Police , Mounted Police , firefighters ), additionally distinguished in rivalry freedom.
With the handling of its little ensured vehicle, “PVP”, or A4vl for the French Army, has returned Auverland triumph and the assembly PSA sold the organization SCMPL Panhard Auverland in January 2005.
The organization is claimed Auverland to 76% by the Cohen family, 10% Christian Mons , 7% Pierre Dalmas and 7% by the family Servanin.
In 2005, the organization accomplished a turnover of 60 million euros and had a staff of 300 representatives (collection of elements and SCMPL NAAS).
Since December 30, 2005, the organization took the name ” Panhard General Defense “and wants a turnover of more than 95 million euros for 2006 and 120 million in 2007. Notwithstanding its humble size in connection to enter players in the protection business, in any case it positions as Europe’s heading reinforced wheeled vehicles under 10 tons, with the lineup the most strong business.

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ASA Autocostruzioni Società for every Azioni”asa” was an Italian auto maker, the primary result of whaich was the ASA 1000 GT. The auto was produced by Giotto Bizzarrini from a Ferrari outline, and made by the organization in Milan (in a processing plant possessed by the De Nora Electrochemical Group) from 1964 to 1969. The 1000gt model was introduced in 1962, yet creation began two years after the fact. Bodywork was planned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone.This little GT auto emphasized an OHC 1,032 cc (63.0 cu in) four-barrel motor planned by Ferrari engineers,[citation needed] for a Ferrari venture, initially named “Ferrarina.” 
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there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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Ashok Leyland is an Indian vehicles assembling organization situated in Chennai, India. Established in 1948, and it is the second biggest business vehicle makers of business vehicles, for example, trucks and transports, and additionally crisis and military vehicles. Working six plants, Ashok Leyland likewise makes extra parts and motors for modern and marine requisitions. It offers something like 60,000 vehicles and about 7,000 motors every twelve-months. It is the second biggest business vehicle organization in India in the medium and overwhelming business vehicle (M&hcv) portion with a piece of the pie of 28% (2007–08). With traveler transportation alternatives running from 19 seaters to 80 seaters, Ashok Leyland is a business pioneer in the transport portion. The organization cases to persist 60 million travelers a day, more individuals than the whole Indian rail system. In the trucks portion Ashok Leyland fundamentally focuses on the 16 ton to 25 ton reach of trucks.However Ashok Leyland has vicinity in the whole truck extent beginning from 7.5 tons to 49 tons. With a joint wander with Nissan Motors of Japan the organization made its vicinity in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) section (<7.5 tons).Ashok Leyland’s UK subsidiary Optare has closed down its transport plant in Blackburn, Lancashire.This subsidiary’s conventional home in Leeds has additionally been emptied in favour of a reason assembled plant at Sherburn-in-Elmet. 
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Asia Motors Industries, exchanged as Asia Motors, was a South Korean auto maker secured in 1965 and shut in 1999. Since 1976, it was a subsidiary of Kia Motors.In 1962, as one of the measures to consent its First Five-Year Economic Development Plan, the Korean government passed a law exempting from charges foreign parts to collect KD autos by regional standards. In 1965, as a consequence of these motivators, was established Asia Motor Industries, which at first was included in assembling military vehicles. That year, notwithstanding, the organization started arrangements with Fiat and in 1969 it began to amass Fiat 124 models. It enhanced into the SUV and substantial vehicles business sector, including huge and
medium obligation trucks, uncommon military vehicles, lightweight autos, regular person jeeps (a little jeep resemble the other much the same called the Rocsta and later the Retona), engine vehicle parts, to incorporate motors, and transports and smaller than normal transports. In 1973, the South Korean government started an arrangement to push the creation of ease autos for fare.Asia Motors was unable to fulfill the arrangement’s conditions and was obtained by Kia in 1976. Hyundai thus obtained Kia and the Asia brand was ceased in 1999. The Rocsta’s reinstatement, the Retona, was sold under the Kia brand.The Australian Asia Motors wholesalers, now a free organization called Asia Motors Australia, keeps on uing the Asia Motors name however now sources its items somewhere else.
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The strength auto producer Tommykaira got into money
related challenges throughout the Asian subsidence in the late ’90s and was purchased out via Autobacs in 2001 which renamed the auto assembling arm ASL (Autobacs Sports Car Laboratory). This permitted the reseller’s exchange parts producer to keep exchanging with its typical name.Autobacs Bar hall (Roppongi, Tokyo) offering an Autobacs Garaiya Gt300 and the 1969 Carman-ApacheThe main auto to be prepared by ASL was the Garaiya.

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there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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The Asquith is an English vehicles fabricated since 1981 and initially situated in Braintree Essex. The organization was established by Bruce West, who composed the logo, made the name and planned all the early vehicles. His idea was to make present day vehicles with the potential of mass publicizing through the request of memorable vehicles. In 1984, West sold the moulds to Hunnable Holdings of Yeldham, Great Yeldham, Essex.
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The Astra was an English auto assembled by a subsidiary of British Anzani of Hampton Hill, Middlesex from 1954 to 1959. At Gbp348 it asserted to be the most modest and shoddiest four-wheeler on the British market. The auto had initially been fabricated by JARC engines and sold as the Little Horse.It emphasized a back mounted 322 cc air-cooled, twin-chamber motor mounted under the floor driving the back wheels through a three-pace cruiser sort gearbox. The steel channel area undercarriage had all-round autonomous suspension with swing axles at the back. Most autos had two seater home auto figures, however approximately four-seat cantinas were additionally made. The forms were made of aluminium. The auto could additionally be purchased in unit structure. It was guaranteed to have the ability to achieve 55 mph (89 km/h) and return 60 mpg-devil (4.7 L/100 km; 50 mpg-US).
After processing stopped, a few cars were made by Gill autos and sold as the Getabout. The rights were additionally purchased by Harold Lightburn of Camden, Adelaide, Australia who fitted another glass-fibre home figure and sold the auto as the Zeta between 1963 and 1966.
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Asüna was a hostage import vehicles marque made in 1993 for the Canadian showcase by General Motors as a partner to Geo. It was one of two successors to the Passport marque, which had a comparative expectation.Going before the Asüna marque, Passport sold a Korean (Daewoo) made marker built Opel Kadett E known as the Passport Optima (which hit Canadian shores in 1991) and also a choice of Isuzu autos and Suvs. General Motors Canada transformed its marking technique in 1988, disbanding Passport (the Optima was rebadged as Pontiac Lemans). Isuzu was assembled together with Saab and GM’s new, import-battling Saturn division to structure Saturn-Saab-Isuzu dealerships. The Geo marque was presented in Canada in (model year) 1992, offered at Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac merchants (who had been offering the Geo marque’s items as Chevrolets from 1988 until the marque’s presentation). Offers of Geo vehicles were generally fruitful, provoking Pontiac-Buick-GMC merchants to ask for GM Canada to give a lineup of comparable “import” vehicles. Asüna was made to satisfy this interest.
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there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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The Atalanta was an English auto produced from 1937 until 1939 by Atalanta Motors Ltd in Staines, Middlesex. Two models were made.The 1937 auto utilized Albert Gough’s to some degree unpredictable 4-chamber overhead-cam 1496 cc 78 bhp and 1996 cc 98 bhp motors with three valves and two flash fittings for every barrel which had been beforehand fitted to some Frazer Nashes where Gough had lived up to expectations. An Arnott supercharged rendition was likewise accessible. Three or four-pace gearboxes were advertised. The auto had a tubular steel case and all round free suspension utilizing loop springs. Two-seat open games and two-seat drophead car forms fabricated by Abbott were accessible.From 1938 the auto could be had with a 4·3-litre V-12 Lincoln Zephyr motor giving 112 bhp which ended up being the more well known. The auto had a 3-pace gearbox. A four-seat form on a somewhat more frame was made and the two-seaters.The autos were exceptionally costly and the episode of war halted generation after just in the vicinity of 20 autos were made. The organization proceeded in presence making pumps and getting to be Atalanta Engineering Ltd.

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 there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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ATS (Automobili Turismo e Sport) was an Italian car constructor and hustling group that worked between 1963 and 1965, framed after the really popular “Palace Revolution” at Ferrari.The organization was shaped via Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini, around others – expecting for it to be an immediate contender to Ferrari both on the race track and in the city. Chiti and Bizzarrini manufactured, with sponsorship from the Scuderia Serenissima’s Count Giovanni Volpi, a street going games auto and a Formula One auto.
After the death of ATS, Bizzarrini moved to Lamborghini before building his autos as Bizzarrini, while Chiti established Autodelta, which might work nearly with Alfa Romeo for the accompanying decades.In 2012, 50 years after the fact, ATS begins to assemble 2 new autos: ATS SPORT 1000 and 2500 GT.In 2013, the new ATS 300 Leggera, a 2 seater creepy crawly with retro style, is published.

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 there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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 there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
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The Auburn Automobile Company developed out of the Eckhart Carriage Company, it was established in Auburn, Indiana, in 1875 by Charles Eckhart (1841–1915). Eckhart’s children, Frank and Morris, started making vehicles on a trial premise before entering the business vigorously, engrossing two other nearby carmakers and moving into a bigger plant in 1909. The endeavor was humbly fruitful until materials deficiencies throughout World War I compelled the plant to close.
In 1919, the Eckhart siblings sold out to an aggregation of Chicago speculators headed by Ralph Austin Bard, who later served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and as Undersecretary of the Navy for President Roosevelt and for President Harry S. Truman. The new holders restored the business yet neglected to understand their trusted for benefits. In 1924, they approached Errett Lobban Cord (1894–1974), an exceptionally fruitful vehicles vendor, with an offer to run the organization. Line countered with an offer to assume control totally in what added up to a leveraged buyout. The Chicago aggregation acknowledged. Rope forcefully showcased the organization’s unsold stock and finished his buyout before the closure of 1925.However styling and designing neglected to conquer the way that Cord’s vehicles were excessively unmanageable for the Depression-period market and Cord’s stock controls that might drive him to surrender control of his auto organizations. Under directive from the U.s. Securities and Exchange Commission to shun further violations, Cord sold his allotments in his auto holding organization. In 1937, handling of Auburns, on top of that of Cords and Duesenbergs, finished.

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PTV was a trademark of Automóviles Utilitarios S. A. a microcar maker situated in Manresa, close Barcelona, Spain. The PTV brand was at one time the second grandest volume microcar sold in Spain, whipped just by the Biscúter. Contrasted with the Biscúter it was more lavish, offering fitting entryways, two-tone paint, chrome trim and 12 inch wheels.The main model was done in 1956 and it was controlled by an in-house created back mounted 250 cc motor giving 13 hp (10 kw) and a top pace of 95 km/h (59 mph). Later it was supplanted by a 350 cc motor. However when Fiat licenced the Fiat 600 development in Spain as SEAT 600 deals dropped and the organization improved as AUSA Center SA, a constructor and supplier of streamlined hardware and light vehicles, with limbs in Madrid Spain, Perpignan France Rochdale England, Hamm in Germany Alberta Canada and Beijing China.
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 Austin-Healey Car LogoAustin-Healey Car LogoAustin-Healey Car Logo

Austin-Healey was a British sports auto producer. The marque was secured through a joint-wander plan, set up in 1952 between Leonard Lord of the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (Bmc) and the Donald Healey Motor Company, an eminent car building and outline firm.Austin-Healey autos were transformed until 1972 when the 20-year understanding between Healey and Austin arrived at a closure. Donald Healey left the organization in 1968 when British Motor Holdings (Bmc had consolidated with Jaguar Cars in 1966 to structure Bmh) was combined into British Leyland. Healey joined Jensen Motors who has been making figures for the “huge Healeys” since their commencement in 1952, and turned into their director in 1972.The name Austin is presently claimed by Nanjing who purchased the stakes of Mg Rover Group (British Leyland’s successor organization) out of insolvency in 2005. After Donald Healey sold his unique business, Donald Healey Motor Company, the Healey mark was enrolled to another firm, Healey Automobile Consultants, which the Healey sold to Hfi Automotive in 2005.In June 2007, Nanjing and Healey Automobile Consultants / Hfi Automotive marked a synergistic understanding that means to reproduce the Austin Healey and Healey marquees close by Nac’s Mg. No course of events has been offered in the matter of when the Healey and Austin-Healey marks will return, despite the fact that Mg will be once more available in China and the Uk by the year’s finish.


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The Austin Motor Company Limited was an English maker of engine vehicles. Established by Herbert Austin in 1905 proprietorship was united with Morris Motors Limited in 1952 in another holding organization, The British Motor Corporation Limited, where Austin, for instance Morris, kept its partitioned character. The marque Austin was utilized until 1987. The trademark is as of now possessed by SAIC in the wake of being exchanged from bankrupt subsidiary Nanjing Automotive which had obtained it with MG Rover Group in July 2005.


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Morris Motors Limited was a British engine vehicle producer. In spite of the fact that combined into bigger organisations, the Morris name stayed being used until 1984 when British Leyland’s Austin Rover Group chose to focus on the more well known Austin brand. The trademark is right now possessed by the China-based car organization SAIC in the wake of being exchanged from bankrupt subsidiary Nanjing Automotive.