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Alanqa Motor Company is an Abu Dhabi-based rough terrain producer spend significant time in tough military vehicles additionally coddles business clients, like the Hummer brand. Alanqa is a subsidiary of Advanced Integrated Systems and means to handle 300 autos yearly at its Musaffah plant.

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The Alba was a French auto made by Constructions Métallurgiques, Usines Alba, Suresnes, Seine between 1913 and 1928.The auto was offered with a decision of 4-barrel motors, incorporating a side-valve 8 pull (6.0 kw) of 1172 cc made by S.c.a.p., a 1476 cc overhead-valve by S.c.a.p., and a 1994 cc Altos with either side or overhead valves. The back wheels were determined through a 4-velocity gearbox. Albas were likewise fitted with front-wheel brakes, a progressed characteristic on a light auto of the time.
In 1921 a more modest 1243 cc model, the Bobby Alta, was offered with 3-rate gearbox.
In 1924, Alba entered the Le Mans 24 hour race, however without victory.

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British Albany The Albany was a British auto made in London from 1903 to 1905. Albany Manufacturing Co. Ltd made both petrol and steam autos, the steamers outlined by Frederick Lamplough, who had initially manufactured a shaft-driven steamer in 1896. Otherwise called the Lamplough-Albany, it donned two motors coupled by wrenches at right edges and a super-warmed loop sort generator. It could be guided either by wheel or tiller, and it seemed much like a petroleum-filled auto. It was offered for a solitary model year, 1903, while the petrol vehicles, one a 10 hp (7.5 kw) single-barrel and the other a 16 hp 2-chamber, kept up for three. After the center of 1905, Albany moved its regard for offering Talbots and assembling parts.
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American Albany The Albany was an American auto transformed in Albany, Indiana, from 1907 to 1908.It was transformed as a Surrey and a runabout, and were ahead of schedule vehicles with false hoods and robust elastic tires. The single- and 2-chamber air-cooled engines prepared 6/7 hp and 18/20 hp, individually.
The auto was produced by a nearby designer and representative John L. Tulley (1872–1954), who held numerous turn of the twentieth century patents, incorporating a measure to measure oil. Mr. Tulley was a common workman whose unanticipated days were used as a surveyor’s right hand. He then happened to support in building power and light plants around the midwest before touching base in Albany to structure the Albany Automobile Company in the vicinity of 1906. The Albany Runabout had two contradicting chambers and was air-cooled. Up to 850 autos were said to have been constructed and they were sent to all parts of the nation, with no less than one vehicle transported to England.
Showcased as “the occupied man’s auto”, one of the Albany’s principle offering focuses were blue colored elephant conceal seats, which were as far as anyone knows ensured to last the lifetime of the auto.
Neighborhood legend has it that Henry Ford came to Albany to take a gander at the Runabout and trade thoughts with Tulley. Tulley likewise knew Elwood Haynes, who is credited with developing the grasp.

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The Albar is a Swiss auto, assembled since 1978 in Buochs by Alois Barmettler.Barmettler had for quite a while made Dune Buggy and crosscountry changes dependent upon the VW Beetle.In the unanticipated 1980s he proceeded onward to make a car styled auto with two-seater glass fibre figure made in Austria. They were sold in Switzerland as the Albar Jet and Austria as the Strato.
In 1982 he began to make the open Sonic model which no more depended on the Beetle floor skillet yet had a legitimate space outline. Later forms could have VW Straight-4 or Renault 25 motors. A settled head car form was likewise made.

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Albion Automotive of Scotstoun, Glasgow is a previous Scottish auto and business
vehicle maker, right now included in the assembling and supply of Automotive segment frameworks.Today the organization is a subsidiary of American Axle & Manufacturing, and fabricates axles, driveline frameworks, case frameworks, crankshafts and suspension segments. It is Scotland’s best known name in the engine business. Albions were eminent for their trademark “Sure as the Sunrise”.
Initially regarded as Albion Motor Car Company Ltd, the organization was established in 1899 by Thomas Blackwood Murray and Norman Osborne Fulton (both of whom had formerly been included in Arrol-Johnston) they were joined several years after the fact by John F Henderson who furnished extra capital. The processing plant was initially on the first story of a building in Finnieston Street, Glasgow and had just seven workers. In 1903 the organization moved to new premises in Scotstoun.
The Albion Motor Car Company Ltd was renamed Albion Motors in 1930.
In 1951, Leyland Motors assumed control. After the British Leyland Motor Corporation was established in 1968, generation proceeded with the Albion Chieftain, Clydesdale & Reiver trucks and the Albion Viking transport models. Generation of these was then moved to the Leyland plant at Bathgate in 1980. In 1969, the organization assumed control over the neighbouring Coventry Ordnance Works on South Street, which it keeps on operaing from.
Leyland dropped the Albion name when the organization name was changed to Leyland (Glasgow) and later to Leyland-DAF from 1987 when it turned into a subsidiary of that Dutch concern.
An administration purchase out in 1993 carried Albion Automotive as it was thereupon known go into Scottish proprietorship. Another holder, the American Axle & Manufacturing Company (AAM) of Detroit, Michigan, assumed control Albion in 1998.

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The American Locomotive Company, regularly abbreviated to ALCO, Alco or Alco, planned, manufactured and sold steam trains, diesel-electric trains, diesel motors and generators, specific forgings, top notch steel, equipped tanks and autos and generated atomic vigor. The American Locomotive Company was structured in 1901 by the merger of Schenectady Locomotive Engine Manufactory of Schenectady, New York with seven more diminutive train makers. The American Locomotive Automobile Company subsidiary composed and made vehicles under the Alco brand from 1905-1913 and generated atomic vigor from 1954-1962. The organization transformed its name to Alco Products, Incorporated in 1955. In 1964 the Worthington Corporation gained the organization. The organization got old in 1969.
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Joe Palumbo, who initially planned the Cimbria, a Volkswagon based auto pack, presented the Aldino K/o in the mid 1980′s. This new line of autos may have surpassed the greater part of his prior exertions.
Palumbo presented his new Aldino K/o in the Auto Buyer with an arrangement of at no other time seen photographs of the fiber created games auto. According to Auto Buyer Magazine, “the overall considered exertion is an auto sure to be an authorities delight.”
Consistent with Auto Buyer, “the Aldino K/o is a shocking auto, enlivened by such autos as the Koenig Ferrari Boxer, and the Lamborghini Countach, Testarossa and Corvette.” Originally settled in Brookfield Wisconsin, the organization started preparation of its first Aldino K/o on June 1, 1989.
Other than being the originator and architect of the Cimbria, a grant winning pack auto, Palumbo was creator and head engineer for the Viper 2000, a high execution sports auto emphasized in a few national and global magazines.
In 1985, Palumbo likewise planned the Enterra, an auto produced in British Columbia and sold all around Canada and California in 1986; Palumbo penned the Muhammad Ali 3wc Car, the car to which the acclaimed title holder boxer was eager to append his name.
The Aldino K/o is the perfection of over twenty years of configuration experience, and in the course of recent years there have been over 640 packs sold. Richard and Ellen Lichte bought the molds and assembling rights for the outline and the Aldino Automobile figure boards in August of 2002. Richard Lichte has over thirty years encounter in the vehicles field.
The outstanding plan and designing quality for the Aldino K/o is at present being reintroduced, utilizing the greater part of the first shape. This is a quality pack with a generally settled, demonstrated track record. The current managers are proficient and decently encountered in the auto assembling exchange.
Luckily for the new Aldino Car Company, Joe Palumbo is at present working nearly with the new possessors to safeguard the trustworthiness of the first outline. The segments go together effectively, and we anticipate proceeding the first custom of the Aldino K/o.


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There is no information available for this car manufacturer.

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There is no information available for this car manufacturer.

Allard Motor Company Limited was an English auto producer established in 1945 by Sydney Allard, Allards by and large offered a substantial American V8 motor in a little, light British sports auto form, giving a high power-to-weight degree, Allard R&d neglected to keep up its previous pace and different makers started preparing shabbier and all the more actually progressed autos.
Its new Palm Beach model was a year later than its rivals, the excellent new K-3 neglected to satisfy desires, and the extensive wood sided Safari Estate couldn’t uncover a business sector notwithstanding its eight seats, enormous V8, and wonderful bodywork. Sixties Allards were essentially execution adjusted British Ford Anglias promoted as the Allardette 105, 109, and 116. Generation finished in 1966 when Sydney Allard perished and a blaze crushed the plant and most Allard organization records that night. The Allard manufacturing plant site is currently an advancement of extravagance residences.

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Alldays & Onions was an English vehicles producer, it made autos from 1898 to 1918. The autos were sold under the Alldays name. The organization likewise manufactured an early British constructed tractor, the Alldays General Purpose Tractor.The Alldays & Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co. of Birmingham, was an organization established in 1889 by the merger of the since a long time ago made Onions (structured by John Onions in 1650) and William Allday & Co. (shaped by William Allday in 1720) designing organizations. They got known for their designing and blacksmithing gear. In the same way as other such organizations around then they turned to bike fabricate and sold a reach under the Alldays name. They likewise began making cruisers in 1903 under the Alldays-Matchless name; these had no association with the London based Matchless organization, and in 1915 probably accompanying representations from them, the name was changed to Allon. Assembling of these proceeded until 1927.
In 1898, the organization handled its first auto, the Traveller, a quadricycle made in private and business structures, directed by a wheel. It had an unsprung back closure, force created by a 4 hp De Dion single-chamber engine. Then again, arrangement processing completed not begin until 1903/4 with the 7 hp model. Bigger business vehicles of up to 5 tons were likewise made in the years going before the first World War and saw administration throughout the clash.
The organization hit business victory with the 1.6-litre, vertical-twin side-valve 10/12, which was created out of 1905 to 1913. It was mainstream with business drivers and completed well in period recipe occasions and slope trips. A 16 hp 4-barrel joined the lineup in 1906, and in 1908, the Enfield Autocar Co. was procured. Presently subsequently, the extent was legitimized, with most models being sold under both brand-names. The Alldays commitment to the comparison was the generally secured twin- and four-chambers that put out 14 and 20 hp, dependably shaft-driven. A 30/35 hp six-chamber was recorded from 1911 to 1914, compacted air starters being discretionary in 1911. In 1913, the 990 cc V-twin Midget cyclecar was presented, offering air cooling and shaft drive, offering at ₤138.10s. A 1100 cc 4-barrel adaptation with a bullnose radiator showed up in 1914, mainstream at the cost of ₤175. Pair-throws side-valve four-chambers appraised at 12/14, 16/20, and 25/30 hp rounded out the prompt prewar offerings.
Alldays & Onions combined with Enfield, an organization they had claimed since 1907, and transformed autos called Enfield-Allday until 1925.

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ACMAT (Ateliers de Construction Mécanique de L’atlantique, otherwise called ALM-ACMAT), (since 22 May 2006, ACMAT is a wholly possessed subsidiary of Renault Trucks.) is a French maker of crosscountry and strategic military vehicles since 1958. Known for their unwavering quality, effortlessness, roughness and their 80% (over 3,500) shared characteristic of parts over the whole product offering, these vehicles were initially focused at African and Asian nations who couldn’t manage the cost of additional unreasonable vehicles. The ACMAT organization based their vehicles dependent upon standardisation, shared trait of parts and segments, and on compatibility; parts are exchangeable with vehicles fabricated 30 years back. Parts shared characteristic incorporates taxicabs, structural segments, motors and drive trains. ACMAT utilizes a significant number of the same parts for every last bit of its line of vehicles. They even transform an armoured variant of both the 4×4 and 6×6 variants of the VLRA.
Numerous French blaze units likewise utilize ACMAT vehicles because of their easier cost and 4wd capacity. A few thousand are being used by 42 nations including France and the Irish Defence Forces. ACMAT likewise outlines, fabricates and assembles trailers, asylums and generators. ACMAT has traded over 85 percent of the 12,000 or more vehicles it prepared into 50 separate nations.

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Almac is a New Zealand based unit auto organization established in 1984 and placed in Upper Hutt. Almac autos is a piece of Almac Reinforced Plastics Ltd fibreglass item producing an organization established in 1971 by Alex Mcdonald. Mcdonald’s investment in pack autos began while he was existing in England, having obtained a Jem Marsh Sirocco. Jem Marsh established the Marcos auto organization.

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There is no information available for this car manufacturer.

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Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen Gmbh is a vehicles assembling organization situated in Buchloe, in the Ostallgäu area of Bavaria, Germany offering their own autos, in light of Bmw autos. Alpina works nearly with Bmw and their methodologies are joined into Bmw’s generation lines, consequently Alpina is distinguished by Tüvas an auto maker, Alpina was established by Burkard Bovensiepen in 1965 as Burkard Bovensiepen Kg in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria in southern Germany. The definitive name could be followed to Dr. Rudolf Bovensiepen, his father, whose organization prepared office machinery.

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The author of Alpine, was initially a Dieppe carport proprietor, who started to accomplish significant rivalry triumph in one of the few French autos processed right after the Second World War. The organization was purchased in 1978 by Renault.

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The Alta Car and Engineering Company was a British sports and hustling auto producer, normally known basically as Alta. They likewise supplied motors to a little number of different constructors, most quite the Connaught and Hwm groups. The organization was established by designer Geoffrey Taylor, Geoffrey Taylor passed on in 1966 at the age of 63 years. In 1976, his child Michael endeavored to restore the Alta name with a Formula Fordcar yet was not great.

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There is no information available for this car manufacturer.

Alvis Car Logo      Alvis Car Logo
Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd was a British assembling organization in Coventry, England. From 1919–1967 notwithstanding cars intended for the citizen market, the organization additionally processed dashing autos, flying machine motors, armored autos and other armored battling vehicles, After turning into a subsidiary of Rover in 1965, auto assembling was finished yet armored vehicle production proceeded. Alvis came to be part of British Leyland and after that in 1982 was sold to United Scientific Holdings which renamed itself to Alvis plc, The first ever organization, T.g. John and Company Ltd., was established in 1919 by thomas George John (1880 – 1946). Its first items were stationary engines,carburetors and motorscooters. Taking after grievances from the Avro air ship organization whose logo exhaust similitudes to the definitive winged green triangle, the more commonplace transformed red triangle consolidating the expression “Alvis” developed. On December 14, 1921, the organization formally transformed its name to The Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd.
The root of the name Alvis has been the subject of an extraordinary arrangement of theory throughout the years. Some have inferred that de Freville proposed the name Alvis as a compound of the expressions “aluminium” and “vis” (importance “quality” in Latin), or maybe it might have been determined from the Norse legendary weapon smith, Alvíss, In 1936 the organization name was abbreviated to Alvis Ltd, and airplane motor and armored vehicle divisions were added to the organization by the start of World War Ii. Smith-Clarke composed numerous models throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

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AM General is an American substantial vehicle maker situated in South Bend, Indiana. It is best known for the non military person Hummer and the military Humvee, that is amassed in Mishawaka, Indiana. For a generally short period, 1974–1979, the organization likewise made travel transports, making more than 5,400.AM General follow its attaches to the Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, which stretched in 1903 to incorporate the Overland Automotive Division. In 1908, John North Willys obtained the Overland organization, then situated in Indianapolis, Indiana, and renamed it Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. In the 1940s, Willys-Overland improved a vehicle to U.s. Guard’s necessities and later mass-generated “America’s first four-wheel drive one-fourth-ton strategic utility truck” – the Jeep of World War II popularity. In 1953, Kaiser Motors bought Willys-Overland, and changed the name to Willys Motor Company. In 1963 the organization’s name changed again to Kaiser-Jeep Corporation. In 1964, Kaiser-Jeep acquired the Studebaker offices in South Bend, Indiana, and framed the Defense and Government Products Division in 1967, which after American Motors bought Kaiser-Jeep got to be what is currently AM General.
AM General’s roots (and its area in South Bend) additionally lie with the “General Products Division” of Studebaker, which, in addition to its considerable guard contracts, was obtained by Kaiser Industries in right on time 1964 after Studebaker shut its U.s. car fabricating operations. Around then, Kaiser had been recompensed a Us$87 million Army truck contract, and under government weight consented to perform the work at the South Bend plant it had as of late obtained from Studebaker. Hence, American Motors Corporation (AMC) acquired the Jeep Corporation from Kaiser in 1970 when Kaiser itself chose to leave the auto business. In 1971, AMC made the General Products Division of Jeep (handling military trucks, and contract and non-business vehicles) a wholly possessed subsidiary and renamed it AM General Corporation.
AM General processed transports, vast trucks, and Jeeps for mechanical, military, and government utilization. In the late 1970s, it advanced the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, nicknamed “Humvee”) for military use as an overwhelming obligation shift for the jeep. The vehicle later got accessible in a regular person variant sold under the Hummer brand name. An alternate natural item from the AM General line was the Jeep DJ-5 arrangement a reason manufactured “Delivery Jeep” 2-wheel drive (RWD) variant of the Jeep CJ-5—utilized within enormous numbers as a right-hand drive mail conveyance vehicle by the United States Postal Service. Creation of transports kept ticking just from 1974 until 1979.
American Motors finished its history as an autonomous automaker in 1982 when regulating investment in the organization was obtained by France’s Renault. U.s. government regulations around then denied responsibility for builders by remote governments, and Renault was in part claimed by the French government. Along these lines, in 1983, AM General was sold by AMC to the LTV Corporation and it turned into a wholly possessed subsidiary of the LTV Aerospace and Defense Company. (Thus, AM General remained a free organization after AMC was bought by Chrysler Corporation.)
Renco Group purchased the organization in 1992.
AM General, which remains an autonomous organization and government and military foreman, sold the rights to the Hummer brand to General Motors in 1999. It proceeded generation of the definitive non military person Hummer (named by GM as the H1) until June 2006 when it stopped handling.
AM General manufactured a divide industrial facility to manufacture another Hummer H2, outlined by and advertised by General Motors. The vehicle went available in 2002, and was handled until January 2009. AM General does not manufacture the Hummer H3 and is not a piece of General Motors.
GM was sued promptly in 2003 by Daimlerchrysler, possessors of the Jeep brand, for the Hummer’s seven opening grille which looked like the outline Daimlerchrysler contended customers connected with Jeep vehicles. The claim was released because of the past corporate history including AMC and Jeep.
On August 20, 2004, it was advertised that Ronald Perelman’s Macandrews & Forbes organization might structure a joint wander with AM General’s current possessor, Renco Group, to give Perelman 70% responsibility for General. The arrangement purportedly cost near Us$1 billion
In 2008, AM General and the Vehicle Production Group (VPG), of Troy, Michigan, affirmed that agreement had been marked for AM General to start preparing reason constructed taxi, starting in 2009. Real handling started in October 2011. The predominant vehicle off the line Oct 6 was displayed to Marc Buoniconti, a previous linebacker for The Citidel who was harmed playing football in 1985.
In May 2010, Azure Dynamics Corp. affirmed it had picked AM General to amass its electric drivetrain into Ford Transit Connect vehicles for the North American market. This item is continuously processed at AM General’s office in Livonia, Michigan.
September 2013, AM General arrived at a consent to buy the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) secured credit to The Vehicle Production Group. Before the assention AM General gone about as sole vehicle constructing agent for VPG. As an aftereffect of this transaction AM General will make a wholly claimed organization, “Mobility Ventures LLC,” to work the MV-1 business and gain all VPG stakes.