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there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
Ambassador Logo 
The Ambassador was the highest point of-the-line vehicles handled by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) from 1958 until 1974. The vehicle was reputed to be the AMC Ambassador, Ambassador V-8 by Rambler, and Rambler Ambassador at different times throughout its residency in creation. Long ago, the name Ambassador had connected to Nash’s “senior” full-size autos.The Ambassador nameplate was utilized constantly from 1927 until 1974 (the name being a top-level trim line between 1927 and 1931); around then it was ended, Ambassador was the longest consistently utilized nameplate within auto history.
Most Ambassador models were implicit Kenosha, Wisconsin. They were likewise manufactured at AMC’s Brampton Assembly in Brampton, Ontario 1963 – 1966. Australian Motor Industries (AMI) amassed Ambassadors from thump down packs with right-hand drive. The U.s. fifth era Ambassadors were prepared by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) in Cordoba, Argentina 1965 – 1972.

 American Motors Corporation-AMC 1958 American Motors Corporation-AMC 1958American Motors Corporation - AMC Car Logo
American Motors Corporation – AMC was an American auto organization structured by the 1954 merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. Around then, it was the biggest corporate merger in U.s. history, George W. Artisan was the designer of the merger to procure profits from the qualities of the two firms to fight the much bigger “Big Three” automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler). American Motors joined the Nash and Hudson product offerings under a normal assembling methodology in 1955.

 American Austin Logo 
The American Austin Car Company was an American auto fabricating enterprise. The organization was established in 1929, and generated motorcars authorized from the British Austin Motor Company from 1930 through 1934, when it documented for liquidation.In 1935 the organization was rearranged under the name American Bantam. Processing continued in 1937 and proceeded through 1941, incorporating the first model of what later turned into the Jeep.The American Austin Car Company was established in 1929, in Butler, Pennsylvania in premises that had a place with the Standard Steel Car Company. Their plan was to gather and offer in the United States an adaptation of the Austin 7 auto, called American Austin. After some starting triumph the Great Depression set in, and deals tumbled off to the focus that creation was suspended. In 1934 the organization recorded for liquidation.

American Bantam Logo 
In 1935 Roy Evans, a previous representative for Austin, purchased out the bankrupt organization, which was revamped under the name American Bantam. (“Small” is a more modest reproduced form of any specific poultry breed — the name must have been picked for the extent of the vehicles that the organization made.) The formal association with UK Austin was separated, however a relationship was supported. An arrangement of progressions was made to the American Austin auto configuration, incorporating an altered motor, and an outer surface sheetmetal composed by Alexis de Sakhnoffsky.Processing was continued in 1937 and proceeded through 1941. In spite of an extensive variety of Bantam form styles, running from light trucks to woodie station wagons, just in the vicinity of 6,000 Bantams of various sorts were processed.American Bantam’s 1938 model is extremely popular for being the spark for Donald Duck’s auto.
Donald Duck’s auto was first seen on Don Donald (1937).
American Lafrance Logo 
American Lafrance (ALF) is an American vehicle producer which centers basically on the generation of flame motors, fire aerials, and crisis device, for example, emergency vehicle and salvage vehicles. The organization is spotted in Summerville, South Carolina.The American Lafrance Fire Engine Company is one of the eldest flame mechanical assembly producers in America. With attaches that do a reversal to give or take 1832, the organizations that happened to end up American Lafrance assembled hand-drawn, horse-drawn, and steam-fueled blaze motors. Established in 1873 by Truckson Lafrance and his accomplices as the Lafrance Manufacturing Company offering hand controlled gear. The International Fire Engine Company, corporate forerunner of American Lafrance, manufactured some steam force fire motors between 1903-1907. Device manufactured by International incorporated steed drawn steamers, hose wagons, and snare & steps to synthetic motors, water towers and syntheses. The American Lafrance Fire Engine Company was framed in 1903. Its corporate work places and assembling plant were in Elmira, New York. It additionally worked a Canadian plant in Toronto, Ontario, where it sold device under the name Lafrance-Foamite, until 1971. ALF conveyed its initially mechanized flame motor in 1907. Through the years, American Lafrance assembled many flame trucks incorporating concoction motors, blend pumpers, aeronautical step trucks, Aero Chief snorkel trucks, and runway collision trucks. The established style of the American Lafrance device is effectively distinguished. A percentage of the organization’s improvements expedited changes in the industry, most strikingly the taxi forward style taxicab. The organization has as of late experienced a significant resurrection and is by and by handling custom blaze trucks and other crisis vehicles.
In 1995, the organization was purchased by Freightliner LLC, which is a subsidiary of Daimler AG. Freightliner kept on utiliing American Lafrance’s unique nameplates and designations incorporating the Eagle custom suspension. A large number of their Liberty items are based Freightliner LLC M2 or Sterling Acterra frame. ALF has extra assembling offices in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Sanford, Florida, and Hamburg, New York. Starting 2005, they are the fifth biggest producer of crisis vehicles in North America.
In December 2005, it was published that Freightliner had exchanged the responsibility for Lafrance to the New York-based venture firm, Patriarch Partners, LLC. The central command and principle plant in Ladson, South Carolina were not incorporated in the transaction. Nonetheless, Patriarch Partners were permitted to utilize the plant until right on time 2007, when Daimlerchrysler started utilizing the plant for get together of the Dodge Sprinter. Under new possession ALF migrated inside the Charleston, South Carolina, zone in summer 2007 to a shiny new office, incorporating assembling and corporate HQ, with about 500,000 sq ft (50,000 m²) of aggregate space.
On January 28, 2008, American Lafrance recorded for Chapter 11 insolvency insurance accusing issues with usage of another IBM venture asset arranging (ERP) framework. On July 25, 2008, the organization rose up out of insolvency with an amended marketable strategy to exchange the firetruck weight training share of the business to the remaining Hamburg, NY, (once Rdmurray Inc.) and Ephrata, PA, (previously Ladder Towers Inc.) offices. The Summerville, SC plant kept on manufactuing blaze truck taxi and undercarriage, yet concentrated on professional vehicles and the Condor vehicle line.
American Toledo Logo 
there is no information available for this car manufacturer.
 American Underslung Logo 
The American Underslung was an American vehicles, the brainchild of Harry Stutz and architect Fred Tone, fabricated in Indianapolis from 1905 to 1914 by American Motor Car Company.The American Underslung’s undercarriage plan and colossal 40-crawl (1,016 mm) wheels provided for them it a dissimilar presence and it was recognizably lower than different autos from the same period. The suspension was hung underneath the axles as opposed to set on them, with the motor and transmission mass moved closer to the ground bringing down the core of gravity and giving games auto presence and taking care of. The outline mounted the motor and form inside the edge rails as opposed to on the top as with different autos of the period. Advanced in a joint effort with Harry Stutz, the 1905 Underslung “was a standout amongst the most critical, if unsung, cars of this century’s first decade.”
The vehicles were advertised at the upper value reach of the business sector. Costs for the American Underslung ran from Us$1,250 to $4,000. The autos accompanied Teetor-Harley 6.4 L (391 cu in) straight-4 motors transforming 40 hp (30 kw), as measured by an old framework, and beginning in 1908 a 7.8 L (476 cu in) with 50 hp (37 kw) got accessible.

  Ames Logo
he Ames Originally settled in 1881 by Frederick A. Ames, as a carriage producer and later amended itself as an American vehicles maker in Owensboro, Kentucky from “1910 to 1925. A creepy crawly sponsored “respectable man’s roadster” and a five-traveler tourer were the first models offered available to be purchased by the organization. The organization likewise handled shift forms for the Ford Model T. At its crest the organization processed more or less 30,000 vehicles. The last model the organization made was called “The Kentucky Thoroughbred.”
In 1922, the organization again revamped itself, fabricating furniture under the name F. A. Ames Corporation until 1941 when F.a. Ames Corp. documented for chapter 11 and the majority of its holdings were acquired by the Whitehall Furniture Co. of Owensboro.
Frederic A. Ames kicked the bucket in 1925 at the age of 60. At the time of his passing, Ames was accounted for to have endless land holding in Owensboro and Atlanta, Georgia. His widow, the previous Mary M. Mcmannon, kicked the bucket in 1933. In spite of the fact that the Ames had no youngsters of their own, Mary’s niece, Marie had been brought up in their home as a received tyke, and inherited a large portion of Ames’ fortune.

 Amilcar Car Logo Amilcar Car Logo
The Amilcar was a French car made from 1921 to 1940, The organization additionally offered a light touring auto; called the “M-Type”, it emphasized a sv 1200 cc motor and was started in 1928. It was accompanied by the M2, M3, and M4 variants. 1928 likewise saw the production of a straight eight, which was assembled with an ohc 2-liter motor.
This, the C8, demonstrated questionable, and soon vanished. In the late 1930s Amilcar presented two new models; one was the 14cv, which utilized a four-chamber Delahaye motor. In 1937 the organization blended with Hotchkiss . The following model was the front-wheel-drive Amilcar Compound, very progressed in outline for its period, offering a monocoque outline made of a light combination and autonomous suspension all around. For a motor it had an ohv four-barrel of 1185 cc.
Processing of the Amilcar was not continued after World War Ii.

  Amphicar Logo 
The Amphicar is a land and/or water capable vehicles, the first such vehicle mass-generated available to be purchased to people in general beginning in 1961. The German vehicle was composed by Hanns Trippel and made by the Quandt Group at Lübeck and at Berlin-Borsigwalde. Its name is a portmanteau of “land and/or water capable” and “auto”. The Amphicar was intended to be promoted and sold in the USA. Contrasted with most watercrafts or autos, its execution was unassuming, and just 4000 were prepared by 1965. In any case, it is still around the best land and/or water capable non military person cars ever, and still regularly prized and safeguarded as variety collectible vehicles
  Amuza Logo 
Amuza Motors Pty Ltd of Perth is an Australian car organization which showed its Ford Falcon-based stretch limo at the 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon. It is promoted in Japan and Singapore too. The momentum model is named Grand Chauffeur and in July 1996, their 10 meter, 12 seater limo got to be monstrously prominent. The name Amuza is Esperanto for the sake of entertainment.
  AMV Logo 
The Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) is a 8×8 multi-part military vehicle generated by the Finnish defence industry organization Patria.The primary characteristic of the AMV is its secluded outline, which permits the fuse of diverse turrets, weapons, sensors, or correspondences frameworks on the same carriage. Outlines exist for distinctive APC vehicles (armoured staff transporter) and IFV renditions (infantry battling vehicle), interchanges forms, ambulances and diverse discharge help adaptations, furnished with vast gauge mortar and weapon frameworks.
The vehicle has a quite great level of mine security and can withstand blasts of up to 10 kilograms (22 lb) TNT. The AMV has insurance levels up to 30 mm APFSDS frontal bend. An alternate imperative characteristic is the exact great versatility (joining together speed, nimbleness, and group solace) in harsh landscape, empowered by the advanced yet tough pressure driven suspension altering each one wheel exclusively.

  AMZ Logo
Dzik (Polish: Wild Boar) is a 4.5-ton Polish-made multi-reason infantry portability vehicle. Generated by the AMZ works in Kutno, it is intended for serving both the watch and intercession parts, and in addition an armoured faculty transporter for utilization by different peace-keeping and policing powers. Its armour gives defence against 7.62 mm slugs. The Dzik-3 additionally brags bulletproof windows, cut evidence tires and smoke launchers.
The Dzik autos are fueled by a turbodiesel motor that processes 146 hp (107 kw) with a 2,797 cm³ removal.
Clients can additionally get Dziks in emergency vehicle and hostile to air ship forms.
Various Dzik-AT autos were purchased by the Polish Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji and are to displace outdated BTR-60 Apcs as the fundamental against terrorist vehicle in Polish administration. Dzik-2 are utilized by the Polish Military Police (Żandarmeria Wojskowa), and are likewise known under a moniker Gucio (a minor of Gustav).
The Dzik-3 was particularly intended to fit the requirements of the New Iraqi Army, where it is embraced as the fundamental armoured faculty bearer. Starting 2006, 600 Dzik-3 were requested, with a choice to stretch out the request to 1,000 or more.

 Anadol Logo
Anadol was Turkey’s first household large scale manufacture traveler vehicle, and the second Turkish auto after the doomed Devrim car of 1961.Anadol autos and pick-ups were fabricated by Otosan Otomobil Sanayii in Istanbul between 1966 and 1991.

 Angus Sanderson Logo
The Angus-Sanderson was an English vehicles made from 1919 to 1927 by Sir William Angus, Sanderson & Company Ltd.
In thought it was something like the Bean and Cubitt; the thought was that one model might be mass-processed, as Ford had completed so effectively. The 14 hp (10 kw) auto was a gathering of exclusive parts, holding as it had a 2.3-litre side-valve motor from Tylor, a 3 velocity gearbox and back hub by Wrigley, Woodhead springs, and Goodyear wheels. One different characteristic were disc wheels with a wavy example. Undoubtedly, the organization made fewer of its own parts than whatever available British auto organization around then. More or less 3000 autos were generated yet the auto was costly at £575.
“It went ahead the business in 1919 and by 1921 the effect of the Morris at undercut costs executed it off, in spite of the fact that not before autos had been supplied to the Princess Royal and to S.f. Edge.”
The organization was refinanced as Angus Sanderson (1921) Ltd and moved creation from Birtley, County Durham to the Grahame-White airplane production line in Hendon, Middlesex in 1921 and toyed with the thought of building a more diminutive 8 hp auto in 1925 yet few, if any were assembled. Not of these movements or a value lessening to £365 fought off the unavoidable, and the organization collapsed for great in 1927.

  Annova Logo

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.

  Ansair Logo

there is no information available for this car manufacturer.

  Ansaldo Logo
The Ansaldo was an Italian auto produced by the weapons concern Gio. Ansaldo & C. from 1921 to 1931. The organization entered auto fabricate with an OHC 1,847 cc (112.7 cu in) inline-four motor model which could advance 36 bhp (27 kw) at 3600 rpm. A games variant with 1,981 cc (
120.9 cu in) motor was offered, as was a six-chamber form of 1991 cc; later six-barrels were offered with motors of 2179 cc.Around the organization’s last autos was an OHV straight-8 of 3,532 cc (215.5 cu in). Ansaldos were by and large of exceptional quality and advanced plan, and contended in numerous races. The point when Wikov started make in Czechoslovakia in 1928, they assembled the 1,453 cc (88.7 cu in) Ansaldo Tipo 10.

 Anteros Logo            Anteros Logo

Anteros Coachworks Inc. is an American sports auto maker situated in California. The Anteros is dependent upon the C6 Corvette and produces 500+ supercharged torque.



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