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automobile manufacturer and their logo.


 All American Classics – AAC Car Logo  
All American Classics – AAC  was Car Manufacturers of replica Cobra Cars. They was located in USA, 1515 Braggtown Rd. East Berlin, PA.
AAC  Slogan – Must be Driven to be Appreciated
AAC  Car Body was made of Kevlar reinforced fiberglass, Finished inner liners and doubled lined wheel wells.

 Arab American Vehicles–AAV Car Logo   
 Arab American Vehicles–AAV was established on 14 December 1978, as a joint venture between two company Arab Organization forIndustrialization and Chrysler Group LLC located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Their production began with military vehicles, and their reputation for quality was spread 1982, and Arab American Vehicles–AAV was expand their production to civilian passenger vehicles. Initially AAV was established to serve the Arab and Egyptian military forces. Arab American Vehicles–AAV manufacturing vehicles under license from Chrysler LLC, Kia, Daimler AG, Peugeot, Toyota and their current lineup Jeep.

 Abadal Car Logos   
Abadal automobile logo is made on shape shield, made with two color pink and golden stripe within the heart with firm identify.
was once a Spanish vehicle factory made between 1912 and 1923, named after Fracisco Abadal. considered a quick luxurious.Quickly after the establishment of the Abadal line, car company Imperia from Belgia started out building Abadals beneath license as Imperia-Abadals. In 1916 Abadal nonheritable the Buick company, and Barcelona-built Abadals. That year Abadal had featured custom coachwork, and Buick energy units.these automobiles have been known as Abadal-Buicks. M. A. Van Roggen (previously of Springuel) took over the Belgian operation prior to lengthy when, and designed around 100 seventy various Impéria-Abadals. Francisco Abadal (nicknamed percent) was once a Hispano-Suiza salesperson and sports activities automobile driver in metropolis. He commenced this firm in 1912, and upon its creations, F. Abadal become AN agent of basic Motors in Espana.

 Abbott Car Logo
Abbott - Detroit car logo 
Abbott - Detroit 1912 car logo
Abbott - Detroit car logo

The Abbott-Detroit was an American luxury Car Company In Detroit, established in 1909, but they declared bankruptcy in April 1918. The Abbott-Detroit has two models Continental engine 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder. The Abbott cars could also be manufactured with a 8-cylinder Herschell-Spillman engine. In 1916 the company moved from Detroit to Cleveland in a larger facility, and changed their name to Abbott Motor Corporation. Builded cars from facility in Cleveland were called with short name Abbott. Very soon company started to have financial problems and in April 1918 they declared bankruptcy.

 ABC Motor Vehicle Car Logo  
poster by ABC motor

The ABC was an American high wheeler automobile built by Amedee B. Cole in St. Louis.
The ABC Motor Vehicle was established and started production of their automobile 1908, ABC Company was located in St. Louis, MO at 3921 Morgan Street.With Slogan Simple Name-Simple Machine.

 ABT Sportsline Car Logo
ABT Sportsline Logo
ABT Sportsline Logo
ABT Sportsline is an auto tuning and motor racing company Founded in 1970 by Johann Abt (Race car Driver).Company is located in Kempten im Allgäu, Germany.

 AC Propulsion car logo  
(Air conditioning) AC Propulsion is a San Dimas, California, USA organization established in 1992 by Alan Cocconi and Wally Rippel that spends significant time in exchanging current-based drivetrain frameworks for electric vehicles.

 AC Schnitzer car logo   
Air conditioning Schnitzer was created in 1987. Its extent incorporates tuning for BMW engine vehicles and additionally cruiser arm and the Mini and Land Rover makes. The extent incorporates unique segments, for example, body, custom fumes frameworks and light-compound wheels, and in addition finish vehicles and execution tuning for petrol and diesel motors.

 Acadian car logo
Acadian was a make of vehicles handled by General Motors of Canada from 1962 to 1971. The Acadian was presented with the goal that Canadian Pontiac-Buick merchants might have a smaller model to offer, since the Pontiac Tempest was occupied in Canada.The brand was additionally offered in Chile, with models inherent Arica.At first, Acadians were retrimmed Chevy Iis, offered as a base model, mid-estimated Invader and top-line Beaumont. In spite of being a Canadian just make, the Acadian was never produced in Canada, with all generation occurring in the United States.

 Acma car logo
ACMA was established on 25 November 1950 as Ateliers de development de motocycles et accessoires in Fourchambault, close Dijon, France.
At the Paris Salon in 1957 the Vespa 400 was presented and production started the same year in the ACMA factory.
From 1957 until 1962 the company manufactured approximately 34,000 micro cars under licence from Piaggio.big P in logo stands for piaggio.

 Adam car logo  
Adam Motor Company, Ltd. was an auto producer situated in Karachi, Pakistan. They were remarkable for handling the Revo, which was Pakistan’s first indigenously planned auto. Handling stopped in 2006 and their benefits were set available to be purchased.

 Adams car logo  
The Adams was an English auto produced in Bedford between 1905 and 1914.American-conceived Edward R. Hewitt had helped Sir Hiram Maxim to manufacture an expansive steam plane in 1894. He later composed a “gas carriage” along the lines of an Oldsmobile; this machine was fabricated by the Adams Manufacturing Company. The Adams had a probably secure epicyclic transmission with a 10 hp (7.5 kw) single-barrel motor. Without a doubt, “Pedals to push, that is all” was utilized as the marque’s motto. Hewitt finally came back to the United States to make comparable autos under his own particular name, after which more expected shaft-driven autos with vertical motors were processed (starting in 1906). Models offered incorporated two- and four-chamber ones and one of the first British V-8s; this last had a 35/40 hp (26/30 kw) motor dependent upon the French Antoinette model (an aeroengine for which Adams were operators). Be that as it may the V-8 was tormented by crankshaft breakages.

Adler Logo 
Adler Logo 

Adler was a German car and cruiser maker from 1900 until 1957. Adler is German for eagle.Adler Standard 6, the model Clärenore Stinnes drove on her excursion far and the logo we can clearly see the eagle.


 Aeon car logo  
The Sports Car Aeon was founded in 2000 by John Hewat and Keith Wood of England, designed a car three volumes called GT3 Spider.

Aero Logo 
The Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile, manufactured between 1929 and 1947 by a well-known aircraft and car-body company owned by Dr. Kabes in Praha-Vysocany. Now Aero Vodochody produces aircraft only.

Aero Minor Logo 
Aero Minor Logo  
The Aero Minor was a Czech car produced out of 1946 to 1952. It was composed by Jawa Motors engineers who had taken a shot at it subtly throughout the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. who worked from the Jawa Minor configuration. It donned a 2-chamber, 2-stroke motor estimated 615cc and front wheel drive. The motor transformed 20 hp and it has a fuel utilization of 8 l/100 km. It conveyed substantial looking cantina and station wagon forms, and a games adaptation contended at Le Mans in 1949.

Aerocar Logo 

Aerocar International’s Aerocar (regularly called the Taylor Aerocar) was an American roadable flying machine, planned and manufactured by Moulton Taylor in Longview, Washington, in 1949. In spite of the fact that six samples were constructed, the Aerocar never entered generation.

Aerocarene Logo 
The Aérocarène 700 was a small automobile developed in France and first exhibited at the Paris Motor Show at the end of October 1947.
The vehicle was developed during the previous year by two engineers called Desbenoît and Bodu. It was a streamlined three-wheeled coupé which had no doors. The top slid back to grant access to the passenger compartment. Spats enclosed the front wheels, on top of which the headlights were mounted. The headlights and their spats were turned with the steering of the wheels.
It had a 4CV engine of 684 cc, for which 23 hp was claimed. In the Renault itself the engine size and power had recently been increased, but the Aérocarène 700 weighed less than 300 kg.The Aérocarène's maximum speed was 82 mph (132 km/h) or 75 mph (120 km/h). Sources differ.
The vehicle's appearance at the Paris Motor Show was supported by the production of a sales brochure, but the project backers had failed to win round the government representatives. Under the dirigiste governments that ruled in France in the years directly following the Vichy experience automakers needed the authorisation of government to build cars. The absence of such authorisation made it impossible to purchase materials, and accordingly the Aérocarène project had to be can see the three wheeled car in logo.

AGA – Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau was German car manufacturer, founded in 1915 with name Autogen-Gas-Akkumulator-AG, they are produced gun components during the war. They start producing cars from 1919 to 1929 in Berlin, and shortly after Hugo Stinnes  merged AGA with AFA to increase production space, changing name to Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau.AGA started with first car 1919 named  Typ A, the car had a 1418 cc, with four-cylinder engine (12 kW; 16 hp), rear wheels drive and three speed manual transmission.Second car was Type C, and had more success than Type A, with same configuration but engine had more power than the earlier car and give the maximum power of 20PS (15kW; 20 hp). For the inexpensive price and its size Type C was very popular even became most popular taxi car for some time.They also build sport-racing version of cars 6/30PS for racing and won German Grand Prix 1926, and many other races.
AGA manufactured 4 model named  1922 AGA 6-20ps, 1923 AGA 6-30ps (sport-racing version), 1921 AGA Type C, 1919 AGA Type A.

AGM Logo

AGM Sports Cars Ltd. fabricate authority autos, supplied as unit autos or as completely assembled autos.
A distinct fascination in Kit Cars prompted AGM Sports Cars being framed in 2002 in the wake of outlining and creating their first auto the ‘WLR’. The street legitimate, Le Mans model propelled WLR has now picked up universal distinguishment around Specialist auto, Motorsport and Track Day aficionados.
This has enlivened the organization to outline and create another auto the ‘Upheaval – X’.
Notwithstanding their center exercises AGM Sports Cars likewise offer a bespoke assembling administration, utilizing their dexterity within GRP (Glassfibre) moulding, steel manufacture and aluminium creation.

AJS Logo
AJS was the name utilized for autos and bikes made by the Wolverhampton, England, organization A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd, from 1909 to 1931, by then holding 117 cruiser planet records. After the firm was sold, the name kept on ing utilized by Matchless, Associated Motorcycles and Norton-Villiers on four-stroke cruisers work 1969, and since the name’s resale in 1974, on lightweight, two-stroke scramblers and today on little limit roadsters and cruisers.In spite of the fact that best known for their cruisers the organization made a couple of exploratory autos with Meadows motors in 1923 however chose not to go into full generation.
In 1931, A. J. Stevens & Co went bankrupt. After BSA neglected to get control, the cruiser holdings were purchased by the Collier siblings London organization Matchless and the auto maker Crossley Motors. Crossley fused a few upgrades, for example, a four-velocity gearbox and utilizing parts gained from AJS constructed around the range of 300 autos between December 1931 and May 1932. Gathering occurred in the Stockport processing plant utilized by Willys Overland Crossley. Bike handling moved to Plumstead in London. A 1½-litre model was arranged, however neglected to appear but to show up on the Willys-Overland-Crossley stand at the 1932 London Motor Show.
models manufactured by AJS was 1932 AJS Twelve,1930 AJS Nine.

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